Poner el Cuerpo - Community health work during the Covid-19 pandemic in Buenos Aires

36 images Created 5 Mar 2022

Some months after the Covid-19 pandemic broke into everyone's lives worldwide, I realized my experience as a care worker living in the Global South was not being visually represented anywhere. That's how this work was born: as a way to make sure the story we were starring was saved for posterity.

These images have been taken in the municipality of General San Martin, located in the outskirts of the City of Buenos Aires. Most of them portrait the relationship that health care workers stablished with marginalized communities during two moments of the pandemic: the case-track actions in the streets -with a subsequent phone following of the cases found- and the vaccination campaign which started nationally on February, 2021. I decided to take my analog camera with me during the different tasks I had to perform, from interviewing people in their neighborhoods to remote contact tracing at home, and then to coordinating a vaccination post in the town of José León Suárez.

At the time I'm writing these words -during March 2022- the pandemic is not over but for most of our societies it feels like it has. For health workers, it has not.
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