Bailando al ritmo de la curva de casos : Dancing to the beat of the coronavirus

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After the situation in European countries stabilized in May 2020, Latin America has become the center of the coronavirus crisis. In the first weeks of August, 2020, more than 513 million cases have been confirmed and the death toll is above 213.000 people (source: AFP, based in official figures). The severity of the pandemic has increased as a result of the recent economic and political crises suffered by several countries in the region. Even though the situation is worsening, Argentina is still one of the countries which is managing the crisis in a responsible and thoughtful way. One of the reasons is the preexistence of a strong public health system which relies on primary health and community based health care, created to promote the wellbeing of underserved neighborhoods.

This series focuses on how health workers are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak beyond hospitals and critical care facilities in the municipality of General San Martín, located a few kilometers away from downtown Buenos Aires. Their jobs look quite different from what people expect when they think about "the frontlines against coronavirus”, but are crucial to identify suspected cases before they evolve from mild to severe symptoms and prevent the situation from becoming unmanageable. Epidemiological strategies are combined with grassroots work through the experience of first level care workers, who come from different background and a handful of professions. Working against the pandemic in this territory means paying attention to the needs of the more than 20000 people of San Martín who live in slums and precarious housing and generally do not access to high quality health care. In order to avoid new outbreaks, extensive interviews to conduct case investigation and contact tracing are combined with door-to-door actions in the most vulnerable areas. With these images I aim to broaden the concept of heath care from a local, community based point of view, and to recognize the essential actions of the health workers and community leaders in my country.

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